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couple Cassidy London writes steamy romance books that will set your tablet on FIRE! Her 5 star series "SUBURBAN SECRETS" has won over reviewers world wide. Writing romance books is no easy task. Although hot sex is crucial, writing romance requires much more. Cassidy believes in plot lines that have twists, turns, complicated characters and situations, difficult choices and of course a HEA ;) Her current WIP is a stand alone novel entitled INKED LOVE. This book has the plot line and feel of a contemporary romance but with the passion and lust that made SUBURBAN SECRETS such a hit with it's readers.

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    IN BLOOM Cover Reveal

    When a college professor on a mission to hide his past, meets a student desperate to live her dream; both get side-tracked from their goals. What begins as professional, soon turns to messy and sordid. But when truth is chosen over secrecy, everything changes. Some secrets were meant to remain in the shadows. Her beauty blinded me. Throwing years of caution to the wind, I allowed myself to consume her, possess her and feed my dark soul with her light. I should have kept my secret in check. The last thing I needed was to be called out into the open again. But cupid doesn’t choose his victims randomly. He…

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    Pirates and Plagiarists

    Dark topic today, folks. We’re talking pirates and plagiarists! Why? Because the drama in Romancelandia has been alive and well, these past few days. Drama itself is a fairly typical event and one that I try to stay away from but when it comes to these specific topics, I feel it’s important that we all step up. Plagiarists This week, news got out that an “author” stole word-for-word passages from another well-known author. It’s certainly not the first time that this has happened, and sadly, it probably won’t be the last. Typically, when this situation occurs, ghostwriters are blamed. The accused will say that they had no idea and completely…

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    New Release Alert! Snowed In (Maple Cove 2) is #LIVE!

    Being forced to stay in Maple Cove is exactly what the members of the Roberts’ family don’t want. But being motivated by an inheritance can change things. So can being locked down, during a snowstorm, with your best friend’s brother. What starts out as a casual secret affair, may prove to be the stress relief that is needed. But only if no one falls in love. This is Chad and Bryanna’s story. One year together. I just had to get through one year of living with my crazy family, in order to claim my portion of the inheritance. The inheritance I so desperately needed to pay off my debts and…

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    For the love of Alphas

    Sigh… For the love of Alphas. Where do you stand on the topic? For me, not all Alpha heroes have to be billionaires. I mean sure, it helps to have a mansion, fancy car and a butler when you are wooing your heroine. And a yacht, yes, a yacht definitely makes a difference. However, some of my favourite Alphas are the ones you don’t expect. Like the small town mechanic, or the start up entrepreneur or maybe the restaurant owner. But my all time favourite Alpha? That would have to be the “bad boy from the wrong-side-of-the-tracks” kind. Moody, chip-on-his-shoulder, inked up, rough-in-bed, Alphahole with a heart of gold. YUM.…

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    Did you start this 5 star series yet? Her pretty perfect waves were starting to get tangled, her lip gloss was smeared across her cheek, and her dress was now hanging off of her in the most seductive way, showing everything and not enough at the same time. It was enough to drive a man wild.  “You look so fucking hot all messed up like this.” I whispered as my thumb brushed across her swollen lips. HEATWAVE -INTERNATIONAL LOVE 3 Start reading HEATWAVE today! Get Your Copy HERE ___________________________________________ Author and freelance writer Cassidy London, has been in love with scandalous steamy romances ever since she can remember. When she’s not writing or…

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    FREE Books in APRIL!

    Self-isolation getting you down? Don’t despair! Ebook entertainment from Cassidy London is on it’s way! FREE Books in APRIL! Grab the entire Suburban Secrets trilogy for #FREE this month only! FREE Books in APRIL! Limited time offer. Scroll down for exact dates. Book 1: Couples Night Out -#FREE from April 10th-13th Book 2: Weekend Getaway -#FREE from April 17th–21st Book 3: Island Resort -#FREE from April 24th-28th Follow me on social media for #freebie date reminders! Links below. ______________________________________ Author and freelance writer Cassidy London, has been in love with scandalous steamy romances ever since she can remember. However, she’s discovered that the best scandals are found in places where truth inspires fiction.…