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In Praise of Heatwave

I absolutely love this hot, steamy, captivating book with exceptional characters in an erotic world that is so realistic it felt like I was on the journey with them. I recommend reading this book by an extraordinary author that knows how to captivate the attention of their reader.

Kathleen -Booksprout Reviewer

Awesomely hot romance! Loved the characters and the story! Great chemistry! Hooked from the beginning!

Jen -Bookbub Reviewer

This is a slow-burn romance with scorching heat, you may need a few cold glasses of water. The story sucks you in and it kept me riveted. It’s intense and sexy.

Marianela -Amazon Reviewer


In Praise of Layover

INCREDIBLE! Cassidy London has done it again, another book I couldn’t put down. The chemistry between Tristano and Adriana is smoking! At first, I was so mad at Tristano but then he totally wins you over!!!

Maggie -Amazon Reviewer

When I found out we were getting Adriana’s story in Layover I was so happy. She caught my attention in Freefall (International Love Book 1), there was just something about her. So, grab a drink, sit back and get to know Adriana and Tristano!!

Courntey -Booksprout Reviewer

 This book hooked me from the get go! I just couldn’t put it down. I fell in love with these characters and OMG what a story. Just perfect!

Jeanne -Goodreads Reviewer

 The characters have loads of chemistry, are well developed and the storyline flowed naturally. A pleasure to read!

Elvira -Amazon Reviewer


In Praise of Freefall

Riveting! A compelling, amazing, enjoyable, and exciting romance. Well thought out, emotionally deep, well written, witty, funny, and relatable. It is an on the edge of your seat captivating, heart-wrenching read that is full of steamy sex, angst, and twists and turns. This story will keep you captivated from beginning to end. Highly recommended!

Debra –Amazon Reviewer

Holy HOTNESS! Conor Murphy is one sexy badass Irishman who had his eyes set on Ava Jackson from the get-go. The story gripped me from their first meeting at JFK airport right to the stunning waters of the Mediterranean! Though the age gap between them is quite big, these two manage to make it all work and the passion between them is electric! Ms. London really knows how to take her readers down the rabbit hole!

Author Daisy St. James

This book was gripping, well-written & the chemistry between the characters, Conor & Ava, sizzled throughout this wonderful read.

Libby –Booksprout Reviewer

This book grabs you at the first word and doesn’tlet go till the very satisfying end. The characters and chemistry they share is just awesome!

Katherine–Goodreads Reviewer


In Praise of Inked Love

 A well written story that is also a fairly quick but addicting read. It is hot and steamy with a load of drama. I LOVED JM! What a bad boy with an incredible heart of gold! The chemistry between these is great! Their relationship is all fire and passion!

Mary –Amazon Reviewer

A whirlwind of emotions and events that pulls at those heartstrings. Twists and turns abound with unexpected surprises that make for one enjoyable experience. The characters and scenes are written with such realism it really pulls this little guy together beautifully.

Kaye–Amazon Reviewer

The story flows well and the emotions and passion practically pop and sizzle. Taking you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions this book will leave you wanting to re-read it as soon as possible.

Andie –Booksprout Reviewer

Very entertaining! Hooked from page one. Well written characters with good chemistry. Interesting plot twists and secrets!

Jennifer–Goodreads Reviewer


In Praise of Suburban Secrets

“If your looking for a short, seductive novella then this is right up your street. Although I wouldn’t advise reading it in your lunch break as you may be all hot and bothered at work for the afternoon.”

“Looking for a short, sexy, and steamy read?!? If so, this one is for you! Cassidy London is a new author to me, and WOW!! I loved this short story.”

Jennifer -Book Btches Blog review

“Cassidy London is an extremely talented writer. The story was fast-paced, lighthearted and SEXY! Ella and Jak set my kindle on fire and I liked it!” 

Mona–Amazon Reviewer

“Just as Hot as Book one with one heck of cliffhanger!! Again, not safe as there is swinging and ménage but still crazy Hot! Jak and Ella are pretty hot and sweet!” 

Amber -TBR Book Blog review

“I loved how understanding Jak is and how much this shows that he really does love Ella. I absolutely loved the scenes between these two when they are showing that they truly do love each other. Being able to do this lifestyle there is something to be said for trust between each other. This book was so written you can see that clearly. Cassidy did an amazing job with this book. Very enjoyable.”

Gwen -Goodreads Reviewer

“I loved the conclusion to Jak and Ella’s story! Sad that the series is done, but I look forward to seeing what the author writes next.”

Jenni–Amazon Reviewer

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