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New Release Alert! Snowed In (Maple Cove 2) is #LIVE!

Being forced to stay in Maple Cove is exactly what the members of the Roberts’ family don’t want. But being motivated by an inheritance can change things. So can being locked down, during a snowstorm, with your best friend’s brother. What starts out as a casual secret affair, may prove to be the stress relief that is needed. But only if no one falls in love.

This is Chad and Bryanna’s story.

One year together. I just had to get through one year of living with my crazy family, in order to claim my portion of the inheritance. The inheritance I so desperately needed to pay off my debts and get the hell out of Maple Cove. But when my sister’s best friend Bryanna Simard showed up, my plans went haywire. A stunning little firecracker with a flair for drama and an ass that screamed my name. Being locked down together during the snowstorm of the century, felt like throwing match to gasoline. I needed to keep my eye on the prize and not get distracted by the sexy little fitness blogger, who kept working out, right under my nose. 

When my best friend all but disappeared, I had no choice but to reach out to her family. Coming back to Maple Cove, I only wanted to confront her and make sure she was okay. I never anticipated being forced to live side-by-side with her older, drop-dead gorgeous brother. Chad Roberts, the man with the ink-covered physique, steel-grey eyes and skills that could make a woman moan, both in the bedroom and at the dinner table alike-was highly distracting. I needed to get back to my life, not be side-tracked by an ex-con turned chef, who had an agenda of his own.

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Snowed In is a forced proximity, best friend’s brother, small town romance. But make no mistake, this small town is anything but sweet. Book 2 in the Maple Cove series, takes place in the midst of a massive snowstorm that only serves to up the ante on the family drama and sizzling chemistry between all the wrong people. If you like your romance burning hot, with a side of suspense, then you will love Snowed In -Book 2 of Cassidy London’s Maple Cove series. 

 Author and freelance writer Cassidy London, has been in love with scandalous steamy romances ever since she can remember. When she’s not writing or reading dirty books, Cassidy can also be found masquerading as a wine drinking, suburban mom in Montreal, Canada.

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