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    Excerpt of DIRTY VERSE (Dirty Rock 1)

    JAX I wasn’t ready for it to end, wasn’t ready to pull my hands back from cupping her delicious ass, to remove my tongue from her body and hear the director say, “Thank you, we’re done here!” I wanted to stay in the moment with Aria. I could feel her heart racing as I pressed her body up against my own. The swell of her breasts pushed against my chest, her tiny nipples were hard against my skin, pressing through the lace, begging to be touched, licked, and rolled beneath my fingers. The heat between her legs was fiery against my stomach, and I wanted to roll my hips and…

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    Digital, paper or audio?

    Reading used to be a simple, one option activity. Pick up a book and turn the pages. Nowadays, we can read on pretty much any digital device, as well as listen to our books on audio. But does this mean that books are going 100% digital and paper pages will one day be a thing of the past? As much as I love having options, I certainly hope not. For myself, I think that each reading medium has its place and all are valid ways to read. I continue to read paperbacks and hardbacks of my favourite fiction and non-fiction books. I am always adding to my collection and love…

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    What to read next?

    What to read next? That is the question! There seems to be two types of readers. Those who have an ongoing list and easily jump from shelving a book, to starting a new one. And the second group, those who flounder around; looking for book recommendations under every rock, hoping and praying that their next five star read, will jump out and find them. I guess it’s pretty obvious which camp I’m in, right? I’d love to have a long TBR list of books that I could easily dip into, on a moment’s notice. But for me, it just doesn’t work that way. Not to mention… someone else’s five star…