Author and freelance writer Cassidy London has been in love with books ever since she can remember, particularly, scandalous steamy romances. However, she’s discovered that the best scandals are found in places where truth inspires fiction.  All of Cassidy London books are inspired  by the real life steamy truths shared with her through Cassidy’s Confessional

When she’s not writing or reading dirty romance, Cassidy can also be found masquerading as a wine drinking suburban mom in Montreal, Canada.

FAQ’S about Cassidy

When did you start writing?

I studied English lit and creative writing in university and had always dreamed about becoming an author.  However, I put my dreams on hold while I pursued other careers and raised a family. When I did finally get back to writing, it was accidental, yet immediately it felt like home. This time around, I knew it would be permanent. 

What inspires you?

All my works are fiction however they are inspired by real people and their experiences. On my website, I have a section called Cassidy’s Confessional. It’s an anonymous way for people to write in about their own “steamy truths”, as I like to call them. Each dirty romance that I write is inspired by one or two steamy truths that were sent in via the Confessional.

What advice can you give to all authors when writing a new book?

Be yourself and use your uniqueness to shine a light on your work. It may sound simple but it’s the truth. Learn what works in your genre and study it but then put your own personal twist on that formula. Without authenticity, you will not stand out from the crowd, no matter how good your writing is.

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