Dirty Romance for Classy Women

Books inspired by steamy truths more outrageous than fiction. Every book has been inspired by a real life confession over at Cassidy’s Confessional!




A series of three novellas that give a new meaning to the words “I do”

            Suburban Secrets books     Suburban Secrets books    Suburban secrets books

Hot, steamy and oh so dirty in all the BEST ways!! This series will light your panties on fire and have you begging for more! Can marriage really be this sexy? Who hasn’t thought of spicing up their love life with a little swinging fun? But can this sort of debauchery really be kept a secret and save a doomed relationship? Read and find out!

These books have it all; love, romance and some serious ménage fun 😉  So if you’ve ever fantasized about hot, tattooed alpha men sprinkled with a little kink, then Suburban Secrets is for you! 

The Suburban Secrets series is now available online!

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A brand new stand alone novel coming soon!

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“There was a magnetic appeal about the place. It was something innate, something that seemed to speak to my soul. At first, I dismissed it as nothing more than a superficial feeling, a passing thought. Yet, each time it made me slow down and steal a glance, as I walked passed that open doorway to sin. It was like rebellion itself was whispering my name and inviting me in.” -INKED LOVE