Alpha Heroes

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    IN BLOOM Cover Reveal

    When a college professor on a mission to hide his past, meets a student desperate to live her dream; both get side-tracked from their goals. What begins as professional, soon turns to messy and sordid. But when truth is chosen over secrecy, everything changes. Some secrets were meant to remain in the shadows. Her beauty blinded me. Throwing years of caution to the wind, I allowed myself to consume her, possess her and feed my dark soul with her light. I should have kept my secret in check. The last thing I needed was to be called out into the open again. But cupid doesn’t choose his victims randomly. He…

  • Alpha Heroes,  Romance Books

    For the love of Alphas

    Sigh… For the love of Alphas. Where do you stand on the topic? For me, not all Alpha heroes have to be billionaires. I mean sure, it helps to have a mansion, fancy car and a butler when you are wooing your heroine. And a yacht, yes, a yacht definitely makes a difference. However, some of my favourite Alphas are the ones you don’t expect. Like the small town mechanic, or the start up entrepreneur or maybe the restaurant owner. But my all time favourite Alpha? That would have to be the “bad boy from the wrong-side-of-the-tracks” kind. Moody, chip-on-his-shoulder, inked up, rough-in-bed, Alphahole with a heart of gold. YUM.…