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    What to read next?

    What to read next? That is the question! There seems to be two types of readers. Those who have an ongoing list and easily jump from shelving a book, to starting a new one. And the second group, those who flounder around; looking for book recommendations under every rock, hoping and praying that their next five star read, will jump out and find them. I guess it’s pretty obvious which camp I’m in, right? I’d love to have a long TBR list of books that I could easily dip into, on a moment’s notice. But for me, it just doesn’t work that way. Not to mention… someone else’s five star…

  • confessions


    Confessions Confessions. Just the word itself has an air of mystery and intrigue about it. It’s can be an admission of guilt, a recognition of wrong doing, a secret that is finally revealed. And as much as everyone likes to pride themselves on being honest, straightforward and transparent…well, we all have secrets. It’s only human. Now the fun part, is that some secrets are juicier than others 😉 These are the ones that I’m interested in. Everyone has something that they’d rather keep hidden. It seems that we all have a steamy truth hiding somewhere deep inside us…that one crazy night, that time in college, that hidden desire we’ve never expressed. Releasing…