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Holiday Romance Shorts

I was recently commissioned to do some freelance work and the nature of it got me thinking about the holidays. Would holiday shorts be something that is interesting to you as a romance reader? I’m thinking Christmas, Valentines’ Day, maybe even 4th of July!

Short stories, novellas and maybe even compiling it all into an anthology that spans a year’s worth of many ideas, so many possibilities!

I feel like the holidays evoke a time of family, friendship and good times but what about romance? Is this something you’d want to read solely during each of these particular holiday seasons or would any time during the year do?I’d love to hear some of your ideas for holiday stories! Use the comments below to let me know your thoughts.

My last question is this; would the nature of a holiday create a need for a sweeter romance? Or are you comfortable getting down and dirty during the most wonderful time of the year?

Holidays & Confessions

Do you have a holiday confession to make? Cassidy’s Confessional is the place to do it! Did you (or someone you know!) get involved in a sexy story of your own around the holidays? Want to inspire a new Cassidy London book? Share on our 100% anonymous confessional today!

Happy Holidays!

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I’m an AUTHOR!

So here I am! Finally able to live the dream as a FULL TIME AUTHOR! Ever since I published my first novella in 2017, I’ve been dying to get at this full time. Now, thanks to the support of my unbelievably amazing husband, it’s finally happened.

Okay. So I got what I wanted…but what’s next? In the first two days of this new life I will admit to feeling lost. Like, insanely lost. I always had a plan when it came to work. Now, instead of having a plan, I had nothing. To make matters worse, I also had no idea what I should be doing as an author each day.

Nada. Nothing. No freaking clue.

What To Do?

Suddenly, I was unable to function. I sat down at my desk and just stared out the window. Panic overtook me, so consequently I did nothing. In fact, I did nothing for two full days.

Then I decided that if I was going to figure this shit out, I needed some LISTS! In my previous career, lists were my saving grace. Whenever I was feeling overwhelmed, I went to my lists. They brought me a sense of peace, serenity and were always been able to get me back on track.

So last night I did just that, I made lists! Then I made lists about lists. And then more lists. Glorious, beautiful lists. I made lists until I ran out of things to list.

This might sound crazy but the result was a fabulous morning. My kids boarded the bus for school at 7:30am and I went for my morning run. Being out in nature always calms me (plus it was on my list!) and a good run is my favorite way to start the day. I followed that up with a green smoothie and some personal development reading (another love of mine).

Write an Author’s Blog

After settling in to my workstation, blogging was first on my to do list. A few years ago, I ran a fitness blog. I found blogging to be both personally therapeutic and a great way to connect with similarly minded people. With that in mind, it seemed like adding an author’s blog to my website was the right choice.

So here I am writing blog post number one. My intention with this blog is to post every Thursday and give you updates and insights into this crazy author thing.

Current Work

Let’s begin with a quick little book update for you. There are three seductive little novellas currently up on my Amazon page. The Suburban Secrets series tells the story of a married couple who are introduced to alternative ways to spice up and possible even save their failing relationship. Not going to lie to you, these books are definitely on the explicit end of the scale. So it might be a good idea to check out the reviews before you read…because you know…crazy hot sex is not for everyone 😉

Up until now, these novellas have only been available as ebooks. However, as I’m heading out to a book signing in the spring, hard copies will be needed. Thanks to my lists, I’m now in the process of making a hard copy that will include all three novellas in one book!

Then there’s my WIP. Inked Love is my very first full length romance novel and it’s been my WIP for months now. I’m just dying to finish it! Honestly, it’s been one of the hardest projects I’ve ever taken on. It’s hard because I love the story so much that nothing ever seems good enough. Words just don’t seem to be enough to convey the feelings that I have for these characters and their story. But I’m working on it. It’s on my list 😉


See, I’ve also recently discovered that I’m an INFJ in the MBTI list of personality types. This translates to a million different things but one thing in particular really stood out to me. It was when I read that INFJ’s tend to see in pictures and feelings. I’ve always felt this way and just thought it was a strange little quirk of mine. Yet it explains so much about my recent struggles with Inked Love.

This approach to writing is also hard for me to describe; especially to other authors who tend to “hear their characters talking to them”. I don’t hear anything! In fact, I hate dialogue. Instead, I see pretty pictures in my mind. Little snapshots of untouched moments and I feel the emotions that accompany them. It’s only when I begin to write that I actually find the words to tell the story. Sometimes. On a good day.

Like everything else in my life, it’scomplicated. Have to say though, I was super relieved to find out that this is an INFJ thing and I’m not totally insane. Or maybe I am? After all, I just changed around my entire life to write full time. This author thing had better work out.

Cassidy xo



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