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    The Creative Process

    What is your creative process? Are you a push through the blockages kind of writer or do you prefer to go-with-the-flow and ride the inspiration wave? I’ll be honest. The month of February has been tough on me. Blame it on Mercury being in retrograde, bad planning or just plain old writer’s block but the words were not flowing as they should have this month. I do suspect that is was a combination of all three. However… and you can totally call me superstitious for this, but as soon as the 20th hit and I did my retrograde clearing ritual (candle lighting, crystal healing and some intention releasing) my mojo…

  • confessions


    Confessions Confessions. Just the word itself has an air of mystery and intrigue about it. It’s can be an admission of guilt, a recognition of wrong doing, a secret that is finally revealed. And as much as everyone likes to pride themselves on being honest, straightforward and transparent…well, we all have secrets. It’s only human. Now the fun part, is that some secrets are juicier than others 😉 These are the ones that I’m interested in. Everyone has something that they’d rather keep hidden. It seems that we all have a steamy truth hiding somewhere deep inside us…that one crazy night, that time in college, that hidden desire we’ve never expressed. Releasing…