Christmas Magic

A Billionaire, Single Dad Romance

xmas magic



I hated Christmas. It was a reminder of everything that had gone wrong in my life. A reminder of how I’d been screwed…and not in the good way.

The only good thing about the holidays, was that it was an excuse to get out of town and away from my kid’s nanny. My son adored her but I never should have hired her. She was so damn hot, I practically came in my pants every time she walked in the room.


He was dark, sexy, mysterious… and my boss. I had to stay professional or I’d lose my job. After way too much overtime and Lego building, I was looking forward to some time off. The holiday season was the perfect excuse to focus on my own life for a change.

Or at least I thought it was…

Until he appeared on my doorstep, looking hot AF and wanting to take care of my sorry ass.

DISCLAIMER: A short, seductive, holiday novella filled with explicit, panty melting moments. Best read alone and not shared around the Christmas dinner table.

Suburban Secrets by Cassidy London


Couples Night Out (Book 1)


Sometimes breaking all the rules is the only way to keep them.

Their marriage in shambles, Jak and Ella find themselves on the brink of disaster. It seems like nothing can save them from losing it all. Until, a glimmer of hope is offered in the most unconventional of ways…It’s a chance to step into a seductive world, far beyond the confines of suburbia. A place where lust and desire have no boundaries and forbidden fantasies become reality. Will exploring every hidden desire bound Jak and Ella to each other or will it destroy every last shred of their love’s existence?

Think marriage is boring? Think a failing relationship can’t be saved? It’s true that unconventional methods aren’t for everyone. However, living vicariously through Jak and Ella most definitely is  😉

Weekend Getaway (Book 2)


Pandora’s got nothing on suburbia, the scandal will always seep out.

Jak and Ella took the leap into debauchery but still question if their love can make it through the drama that comes with navigating this new lifestyle. Letting go has brought them together but letting each other go too far could ruin it all. Ulterior motives are exposed as suburbia tries to take down one of their own. As a result, Ella and Jak soon learn that some secrets are best kept hidden in the shadows. Can they find a way to remain true to their own version of love amidst the temptations and scandal that surrounds them?

How far will they go, how much will they risk? Are nights of mind blowing passion enough to keep Jak and Ella together? Or will they succumb to the take down that is waiting for them?

Island Resort (Book 3)


There’s more than one kind of Tropical Heat…

Finally, it’s the debaucherous finale to Jak and Ella’s story! Struggling to rebuild their life in a community that has been fed a steady diet of lies and deceit is anything but easy. Their alternative methods have come at a price; a price that they are not willing to pay. In need of a break, they decide to escape to a tropical island and solidify their passion for each other once more. In an effort to push the envelope a little further, Jak plans a few special additions to this already unique trip. However, an unexpected blast from the past quickly turns a hedonistic evening into a night that may end their marriage for good. After all this time, Jak and Ella will know once and for all if opening their marriage was worth the risk to save it.

Be careful what you wish for. The past always comes back to haunt you.