Maple Cove Series

FALLING IN (Book 1) Buy it HERE!

Going home is never easy, especially not in Maple Cove. When an unexpected encounter throws two ex-lovers together, they find themselves indebted to one another in more ways than one. While lying to everyone else is easy, lying to themselves is anything but. Will true love be able to conquer the past and the complications that Maple Cove throws at them?

Carly Roberts has haunted me since the day I left her waiting for her senior prom corsage. So when I find her hitchhiking her way back to Maple Cove, it dawns on me that I might just have a second chance. Except this time, it’s not a date that I need. It’s a fiancée.

Maple Cove is filled with secrets and lies but none as sinful as the way Matt Harris looks at me. His touch ignites a fire but his words are like an ice storm. And he’s not even the reason I came back home. My life is a hot mess so I’m pretty sure posing as his fake fiancée won’t make it any better. But maybe it will even the score between us?

Falling In is a fake fiancée, second-chance, small town romance. Think cozy fall vibes, with white hot burning heat! This might be a small town, but this is no sweet love story. Family drama, blackmail and oh-so-kinky sexiness are what dominates in Maple Cove. If you like sizzling chemistry that can’t be ignored and twisted family dynamics, then you will love Falling In -Book 1 of Cassidy London’s Maple Cove series. Buy Falling In and prepare yourself for the unexpected!

SNOWED IN (Book 2) Buy it HERE!

Being forced to stay in Maple Cove is exactly what the members of the Roberts’ family don’t want. But being motivated by an inheritance can change things. So can being locked down, during a snowstorm, with your best friend’s brother. What starts out as a casual secret affair, may prove to be the stress relief that is needed. But only if no one falls in love.

One year together. I just had to get through one year of living with my crazy family, in order to claim my portion of the inheritance. The inheritance I so desperately needed to pay off my debts and get the hell out of Maple Cove. But when my sister’s best friend Bryanna Simard showed up, my plans went haywire. A stunning little firecracker with a flair for drama and an ass that screamed my name. Being locked down together during the snowstorm of the century, felt like throwing match to gasoline. I needed to keep my eye on the prize and not get distracted by the sexy little fitness blogger, who kept working out, right under my nose. 

When my best friend all but disappeared, I had no choice but to reach out to her family. Coming back to Maple Cove, I only wanted to confront her and make sure she was okay. I never anticipated being forced to live side-by-side with her older, drop-dead gorgeous brother. Chad Roberts, the man with the ink-covered physique, steel-grey eyes and skills that could make a woman moan, both in the bedroom and at the dinner table alike-was highly distracting. I needed to get back to my life, not be side-tracked by an ex-con turned chef, who had an agenda of his own. 

Snowed In is a forced proximity, best friend’s brother, small town romance. But make no mistake, this small town is anything but sweet. Book 2 in the Maple Cove series, takes place in the midst of a massive snowstorm that only serves to up the ante on the family drama and sizzling chemistry between all the wrong people. If you like your romance burning hot, with a side of suspense, then you will love Snowed In -Book 2 of Cassidy London’s Maple Cove series. 

IN BLOOM (Book 3) Buy it HERE!

When a college professor on a mission to hide his past, meets a new student desperate to live her dream; both get side-tracked from their goals. What begins as professional soon turns to messy and sordid. But when truth is chosen over secrecy, everyone is affected. Perhaps some secrets are meant to remain in the shadows.

Her beauty blinded me. Throwing years of caution to the wind, I allowed myself to consume her, possess her and feed my dark soul with her light. I should have kept my secret in check. The last thing I needed was to be called out into the open again. But cupid doesn’t choose his victims randomly. He entices, tantalizes and tempts, until one can longer breathe without the decadent taste of love. Only this wasn’t the first time that the consequences of my actions, almost ruined me. Lia Rosa unknowingly held the key to the Maple Cove vault, and bringing her home, unleashed all the secrets of the past.

I thought I knew who I was, where I came from, who I was supposed to be. But I was dead wrong. When my dreams of being a ballerina came crashing down, I chose my second favourite art. But with no money and only myself to rely on, I had to make good choices. Getting involved with a professor definitely wasn’t one of them. Logan Simard was unlike anyone I’d ever met. His presence distracted me, confused me, and ultimately consumed me. Sucked into his vortex by a love that rivalled all art forms. But there can be no peaks without valleys. And when he took me home to Maple Cove, everything changed. The past has a devastating way of revealing itself.

In Bloom is a student/teacher, age gap, small-town romance. The heat is sizzling but so is the drama, making the vault of shame ready to explode… If you like your romance dirty and forbidden, peppered with shocking secrets, then you will love In Bloom -Book 3 of Cassidy London’s Maple Cove series. Grab your copy of In Bloom and get ready for the saga to continue!

International Love Series

FREEFALL (Book 1) Buy it HERE !

When a young college girl meets a mysterious older man, the sparks are instant, undeniable and so very forbidden. But can true love overcome the roadblocks between them?

Ex-military Irish paratrooper Conor Murphy, is the kind of man to stay away from. A hardened, rugged exterior hides demons that are too big to tame. Demons that can only be kept at bay by the adrenaline rush of the free fall. When he finds himself having to jump tandem with a tantalizing little spitfire, staying professional all of a sudden becomes the one reserve he didn’t pack.

A post-grad summer of European fun, is what free-spirited Ava Jackson is hoping will make her forget. Forget the pain of loss and betrayal that have followed her all her life. Seeing the sights and partying with her girlfriends are the only things this fiery redhead has in mind. That is, until she’s tied to the lap of a very imposing and insanely attractive skydiving instructor at 14, ooo feet in the air.

When fate intervenes and Conor saves Ava from a desperate situation, it only serves to fuel his burning desire for the young woman. But her time in Ireland is temporary and his unsavory past lurks just beneath the surface. Will Conor and Ava succumb to the magnetic force of forbidden love or will outside forces keep them apart?

Freefall is an angst-filled, forbidden love romance that will have you searching for your very own adrenaline junkie hero. If you like burning hot insta-lust, a possessive love-struck alpha and sizzling age gap romance then you will love Freefall -Book 1 of Cassidy London’s International Love series.

LAYOVER (Book 2) Buy it HERE !

When first loves meet again halfway across the world, passion ignites. But will either of them acknowledge the past or the secrets between them?

Ten years later, the name Tristano Ricci still sent shivers down my spine. Thoughts of him had consumed me for a decade. His kiss had ignited a passion that no one else could rival. Except he wasn’t to be trusted. He’d ghosted me once before, he’d do it again. Only this time, I’d be ready for it.

Protocol be damned, this time I wasn’t going to let her go. Adriana Acosta had haunted my dreams for far too long. Time to forget the rules and ignore the risks. It went against everything I had been trained to do, but none of that mattered anymore. This was my chance to make it right. She had always been mine, she just didn’t know it yet.

Layover is a sizzling, second-chance romance that will have you dreaming of first loves. If you like burning hot chemistry, a dominant alpha hero and a destiny that knows no bounds, then you will love Layover -Book 2 of Cassidy London’s International Love series.

HEATWAVE (Book 3) Buy it HERE !

A chance encounter abroad sparks a passionate beginning, but it’s quickly torn apart by secrets and lies. Can a heartbroken woman learn to trust again?

For years, Ashton Chase took down his demons by charging into them headfirst. Whether it was fighting fires or in the stock market, he was a man who took charge and dominated every situation. But the darkness inside him was always present and he vowed to protect himself, first and foremost. Until, he met Samantha Jordan.

Samantha always felt closer to the voiceless. Like her, they had stories that would never see the light of day. Her goal was just to blend in, to survive; until a chance encounter with a handsome firefighter changed everything.

Despite his growing feelings for her, Ashton chooses to hide the truth and protect his secret. Desire blooms but both are on borrowed time. When fate throws two broken souls together, will they help each other to heal or will hiding behind carefully crafted lies, ruin their chances forever?

Heatwave is scorching hot, secret billionaire romance that will leave you desperately needing a rescue of your own. If you like sizzling hot chemistry, an intense alpha hero and a love that can heal all wounds and then you will love Heatwave -Book 3 of Cassidy London’s International Love series.


An Enemies to Lovers Stand Alone Romance



A good girl who plays by the rules meets a bad boy who doesn’t believe in them. Seeing past their differences, might be more hassle than it’s worth.

Lexi Reynolds had always followed the rules and put the desires of those she loved above her own. As it turned out…it was all for nothing. Ulterior motives are always a bitch. Jean-Marc Dubois is everything Lexi’s been taught to stay away from. And for him, women are nothing more than a means to an end. A nasty betrayal has left him permanently on the run from responsibility and commitment.

A new city and a fresh start were just what Lexi needed. What she didn’t need though, was a man. Finally independent, she was determined to find her own path, without the help of a man by her side or in her bed. JM’s Montréal tattoo shop has been his pride and joy. His art was his release and nothing else mattered. That was of course, until drop dead gorgeous Lexi Reynolds unexpectedly walked into his life.

If opposites attract, then Lexi and JM collide. But only if family secrets and heartbreaking misunderstandings don’t permanently drive them apart. Different lives, different cities, different languages. Having nothing to lose is sometimes a good thing…until it isn’t.

Inked Love is an angsty enemies-to-lovers standalone romance that will leave you breathless for more. If you like angsty passion, sizzling chemistry and a bad boy with a heart of gold then you’ll love Cassidy London’s steamy enemies-to-lovers romance!

Suburban Secrets Series



Sometimes breaking all the rules is the only way to keep them.

Their marriage in shambles, Jak and Ella find themselves on the brink of disaster. It seems like nothing can save them from losing it all. Until, a glimmer of hope is offered in the most unconventional of ways…It’s a chance to step into a seductive world, far beyond the confines of suburbia. A place where lust and desire have no boundaries and forbidden fantasies become reality. Will exploring every hidden desire bound Jak and Ella to each other or will it destroy every last shred of their love’s existence?

Think marriage is boring? Think a failing relationship can’t be saved? It’s true that unconventional methods aren’t for everyone. However, living vicariously through Jak and Ella most definitely is  😉



Pandora’s got nothing on suburbia, the scandal will always seep out.

Jak and Ella took the leap into debauchery but still question if their love can make it through the drama that comes with navigating this new lifestyle. Letting go has brought them together but letting each other go too far could ruin it all. Ulterior motives are exposed as suburbia tries to take down one of their own. As a result, Ella and Jak soon learn that some secrets are best kept hidden in the shadows. Can they find a way to remain true to their own version of love amidst the temptations and scandal that surrounds them?

How far will they go, how much will they risk? Are nights of mind blowing passion enough to keep Jak and Ella together? Or will they succumb to the take down that is waiting for them?



There’s more than one kind of Tropical Heat…

Finally, it’s the debaucherous finale to Jak and Ella’s story! Struggling to rebuild their life in a community that has been fed a steady diet of lies and deceit is anything but easy. Their alternative methods have come at a price; a price that they are not willing to pay. In need of a break, they decide to escape to a tropical island and solidify their passion for each other once more. In an effort to push the envelope a little further, Jak plans a few special additions to this already unique trip. However, an unexpected blast from the past quickly turns a hedonistic evening into a night that may end their marriage for good. After all this time, Jak and Ella will know once and for all if opening their marriage was worth the risk to save it.

Be careful what you wish for. The past always comes back to haunt you.



A Billionaire Single Dad Romance 


Christmas Magic


I hated Christmas. It was a reminder of everything that had gone wrong in my life. A reminder of how I’d been screwed…and not in the good way. 

The only good thing about the holidays, was that it was an excuse to get out of town and away from my kid’s nanny. My son adored her but I never should have hired her. She was so damn hot, I practically came in my pants every time she walked in the room. 


He was dark, sexy, mysterious… and my boss. I had to stay professional or I’d lose my job. After way too much overtime and Lego building, I was looking forward to some time off. The holiday season was the perfect excuse to focus on my own life for a change.

Or at least I thought it was…Until he appeared on my doorstep, looking hot AF and wanting to take care of my sorry ass. 

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