HEATWAVE -International Love Book 3

They said it wouldn’t be that bad. They said they were prepared. They were wrong and now everything is burning.

For years, I tried to chase away my demons by charging into them headfirst. Sometimes, it worked, many times it didn’t. Eventually, I had to retreat. But there was an upside to that. I built my empire from within and my fortress stood tall and proud. I did what I wanted. I had it all. I didn’t think I needed anyone or anything. But I was wrong. She wasn’t like the rest. And despite what she thinks of me now, I will change her mind. Because what she doesn’t know, is that I always get what I want.

The chase is on.

I always felt closer to the voiceless. Like me, they had stories that would never see the light of day. My goal was to blend in, go unnoticed. It was safer that way. Until him. He saw through it all and made me think that things could be different. I thought we had the same intentions. I trusted him. They say when someone shows you their true colors for the first time, you should believe them. I only wish I had done so with him.

Now it’s too late. 

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