In Bloom (Maple Cove Book 3)

The spring flowers are IN BLOOM in book 3 of the Maple Cove series! But don’t be fooled by the sweet title… many of Maple Cove’s dark secrets will come seeping out between the blooming buds. Logan and Lia are going to rock your world with their forbidden romance. A sixteen year age gap between a college student and a well-respected professor, incites deep-heated passion in each forbidden encounter. And when they return to Maple Cove… they open Pandora’s box on a dark secret that the Roberts’ family never saw coming.

#SmallTownRomance #StudentTeacher #AgeGap #ContemporaryRomance

RELEASE DAY: March 26th
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Leave Me Breathless –Ivy Collection

Dragonfly Ink Publishing is excited to officially announce that Cassidy London is going to be a part of the Leave Me Breathless World in 2021!

Coming in August 2021!

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