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Holiday Romance Shorts

I was recently commissioned to do some freelance work and the nature of it got me thinking about the holidays. Would holiday shorts be something that is interesting to you as a romance reader? I’m thinking Christmas, Valentines’ Day, maybe even 4th of July!

Short stories, novellas and maybe even compiling it all into an anthology that spans a year’s worth of many ideas, so many possibilities!

I feel like the holidays evoke a time of family, friendship and good times but what about romance? Is this something you’d want to read solely during each of these particular holiday seasons or would any time during the year do?I’d love to hear some of your ideas for holiday stories! Use the comments below to let me know your thoughts.

My last question is this; would the nature of a holiday create a need for a sweeter romance? Or are you comfortable getting down and dirty during the most wonderful time of the year?

Holidays & Confessions

Do you have a holiday confession to make? Cassidy’s Confessional is the place to do it! Did you (or someone you know!) get involved in a sexy story of your own around the holidays? Want to inspire a new Cassidy London book? Share on our 100% anonymous confessional today!

Happy Holidays!

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Confessions. Just the word itself has an air of mystery and intrigue about it. It’s can be an admission of guilt, a recognition of wrong doing, a secret that is finally revealed. And as much as everyone likes to pride themselves on being honest, straightforward and transparent…well, we all have secrets. It’s only human.

Now the fun part, is that some secrets are juicier than others 😉 These are the ones that I’m interested in. Everyone has something that they’d rather keep hidden. It seems that we all have a steamy truth hiding somewhere deep inside us…that one crazy night, that time in college, that hidden desire we’ve never expressed.

Releasing all that undisclosed information is liberating and empowering. It is also incredibly inspirational for a writer! Not that coming up with new material is an issue though. I’ve always had an overactive imagination and this works very well in my favour as an author. However, real life steamy truths…well, they are way better than fiction!

Girlfriend Gossip

You know how a few glasses of vino with friends will make you spill the beans on your neighbour or even yourself? Suddenly you feel the urge to share what you overheard about a certain acquaintance? Or you decide it’s time to tell the girls about what you did last month?Yep. We’ve all been there. We’ve opened our mouths and dropped crazy shit on our girlfriends. There’s nothing better than that feeling of complete and utter release. After holding something in for so long, that sudden deliverance can be almost orgasmic. Suddenly our voice drops to a furtive hush. Our heads get closer in solidarity as we chug back a bigger than normal gulp of wine and say “Girls, I have something to tell you.” That’s when we drop the bomb.

Making it a Thing

After several dirt dishing session like this, I found myself overwhelmed with stories that would make kick ass books. So, I took action and Cassidy’s Confessional was born.

More recently, after a particularly juicy gossip fest with some friends. I learned about Scary Mommy. One of my girls mentioned that a few months prior, she had needed to release something that was just killing her inside. So she had confessed it on Scary Mommy. So first off, I was like…why didn’t you use MY confessional? (Her answer was that she knew she would end up telling me in person anyway, so I forgave her lol)

Needless to say, I had to check it out. Well, I was hooked for about two hours. You think you mindlessly scroll on Facebook? Facebook has NOTHING on the Scary Mommy confessional. What’s the difference between mine and theirs? My confessional is 100% confidential as is theirs BUT theirs is a public posting forum. You can read, comment and like any posts. This brings in a whole new aspect to confessions.

This got me thinking…I have some really juicy confessions on my confessional, maybe they should be public too? Maybe readers would think it’s fun to read? They could even vote on which ones I should use in my next book! In the Suburban Secrets trilogy, I used 2 separate confessions per book. I listed them at the beginning of each book for all to see and understand how those real life confessions inspired a book of fiction.

Your Thoughts?

So now it’s time for YOUR input. Should Cassidy’s Confessional be a public forum? Drop your comments and any other ideas you have about this in the comment box below! And don’t forget…submit your own confession and your story could be the inspiration for my next dirty romance book!

Cassidy xo






INKED LOVE -A Romance Novel

WIP (And yes, this romance novel has been WHIPPING my ass lately!)

They say it’s always a good idea to gauge the response to a new project before airing it completely. So, with that in mind…today I bring you a little preview of the brand new romance novel that I’ve been working on, INKED LOVE! I would love to know your thoughts on this one so please leave a comment. Try and be kind though…feeling so crazy vulnerable putting this out there. Especially as it’s still the pre-editing phase!

And.. if you love it, which I hope that you do 😉 Please add INKED LOVE to your TBR list on Goodreads today!

romance novel

Romance Novel Blurb (aka: what the hell is this story about?)

Toronto good girl Lexi Reynolds, has always followed the rules and put the desires of those she loves above her own. As it turns out…it was all for nothing. Ulterior motives are a bitch.

A new city and a fresh start is just what Lexi needs. What she doesn’t need though, is a man. Lexi’s determined to find her own path this time, without the help of a man by her side or in her bed.

Women are a means to an end for Jean-Marc Dubois. He spends his time on the run from responsibility and commitment, except when it comes to his business. His Montréal tattoo shop is his pride and joy. His art is his release. Nothing else matters. That is of course, until drop dead gorgeous Lexi Reynolds unexpectedly walks into his life.

Different lives, different cities, different languages. Having nothing to lose is sometimes a good thing…until it isn’t.

romance novel

INKED LOVE -Romance Novel Excerpt (Again, this is pre editing!!)

One moment was all it took. The crowd cleared and suddenly there was an invisible force, sucking me into another world. It felt like a magnet pulling me into a vortex that I didn’t quite understand. My eyes searched for an anchor. Something to identify the feeling of uneasiness and tension that was building inside me. Just when I thought that I was going crazy, my eyes locked on to the deepest, darkest, obsidian that I had ever seen. The darkness held me there, igniting a heat inside me. It was so powerful, that I could feel myself melting on contact. I knew that darkness, it had crossed my path before.

The delicate balance between pure hate and insatiable lust filled me to my very core. My world was about to come crashing down around me. Yet still, I remained frozen in place, unable to look away.

I watched, mesmerized as a heavily tattooed hand ran through a mass of jet black hair, only to reveal a smouldering gaze beneath it. Sculpted cheekbones, dusted with a day or two of unshaven skin. Those eyes. A complete absorption of light. His gaze held me captive for what seemed like an eternity. The anger inside me was forceful in it’s command to stop staring but something else was stronger. A deep rooted need, an unfulfilled desire…I fought to push those thoughts from my mind, gritting my teeth and trying to only focus on the hatred.

With his eyes still locked onto to mine, he stood up. His movements revealed a pair of low-slung jeans that barely concealed what seemed to be the biggest package I’d ever seen. My eyes widened and my breath quickened. The more daring part of my mind toying with what else could possibly lay hidden beneath those clothes. But I didn’t have to think too hard. Only a simple white t-shirt rested lightly over some very visible rock hard abs. This guy clearly spent time at the gym. Ha! I knew he was a self-absorbed jerk, my mind conceded.

He pulled at his shirt, revealing the slight hint of a V shape that traveled deep down into his jeans. Shit! And if all that wasn’t enough, he turned his head slightly revealing a large tattoo that crept up the side of his neck. I already knew he was an asshole but did he have to be such a good-looking one? This was going to be much harder than I thought.

Rooted in place, fully conscious that I was staring but yet paralyzed to change it. I could feel that unmistakable heat creeping back up my chest and neck. My face felt flush and my palms began to sweat. My heart was pounding relentlessly in my ears. Despite all my best efforts, a familar tingling was beginning to travel down my body, settling and pulsating from my core.

As he walked, a smirk slowly appeared across his face. It was a cocky, a one of a kind, real bastard kind of smirk. He walked right up into my personal space as if he owned it. Like a wall of stone blocking my path, he stayed there. I wanted to be furious but instead I felt small and slightly off kilter beneath this large, stunning specimen of a man staring down at me.

He reached over and effortlessly slid the beer bottle out of my hands. “You’re not really a beer drinker, are you?” he said as he took a swig of my beer and winked out of the corner of his eye.

“I…uh…” I took a deep breath and sized him up once more. I could do this. “Actually, you wouldn’t know what I like at all.” I said, as indignant and as bitchy as I could manage.

“Is that so?” he continued. That damn smirk was still painted across his face. “Well, in any case, considering your horrific driving skills, it’s good to know you made here safely.” His voice was deep, raspy and made all more alluring by his French accent.

A musky, woodsy smell emanated off of him and it was all I could do not to salivate. What was happening to me? This was clearly the asshole who had cut me off on the highway and nearly killed me in the process. How dare he be so arrogant and say it was my fault?

I puffed myself up, ready to lurch at him but his words popped my balloon effortlessly.

“Ce n’est pas Toronto ici, hein? You need to loosen up little girl.” He breathed into me.

Little girl? My mind screamed, my fists clenched. What a patronizing piece of shit! 

“Something to say?” he taunted.

I wanted to speak, to yell, to scream at him but nothing happened. Instead, I was locked inside my mind, no exit in sight. Standing there, I started to wonder if it was possible to die inside yet remain frozen like a statue. Maybe he wouldn’t notice me after a few minutes if I had no reaction to him?

“So…” he continued. “C’est Lexi, oui?” His dark eyes bore into me, making me stumble over even the simplest of words.

Finally, I found my voice. “Oui.” I whispered tensely.

Then without any warning, this mysterious half super god, half class-A douchebag, slid one arm around my waist and pulled me into him. His other hand reached around my back and rested firmly on the nape of my neck. His touch felt like fire on my body. I could feel goosebumps instantly forming all over my skin, I was chilled yet burning up at the same time. With his hair gently falling in front of his eyes, he leaned in and gave me a typical Montreal two cheek kiss. His rough stubble brushed up against my face making the prickly flush of heat return in seconds. I could just feel the red splotches of embarrassment dotting my chest and up my neck. My body ached, as I shifted in my hips to ease the throbbing pulse in my core. This man was magic. A fucking dangerous type of magic. 

His touch seemed to consume all the air inside my lungs, making me fight for breath in short, tight gasps.

“Le nom c’est Jean-Michel.  But everyone calls me JM.” He continued calmly, without releasing his hold on me for a second. Those dark pools of obsidian seemed to be twinkling with humour. Was he for real? Was he actually laughing at how uncomfortable he made me? I wanted the world to open up and swallow me whole. If I never saw this man again, it would be too soon.

romance novel

Your Thoughts?

Okay readers…it’s your turn to tap away at the keys and let me know what you thought of that little romance novel excerpt 😉 Also, remember to follow the blog so that you get all the new posts direct to your inbox!

Cassidy xo




It’s happened so many times. I find myself sitting and staring at the screen for hours on end, completely void of inspiration. As it goes from bad to worse, my mind becomes consumed with thoughts of how every other author is furiously typing away at the next best-seller. Words cease to exist in my head. As does the ability to organize them in any kind of coherent fashion. 

The longer I sit there, the higher the chances are that I begin to scroll through social media and eventually check out of the writing process entirely. Inspiration found? Nope. In fact, it’s anything but. 


So what to do when this happens? I’ve learned that you need a toolbox to pull from. 

My hubby and I are HUGE personal development junkies and we recently began reading about Mel Robbins and something she calls the 5 Second Rule. It’s actually a really great tool and it’s been helping us wake up faithfully at 5am every day and do a lot of things that we had been procrastinating about.

Now, yesterday’s goal was to add 5k to my WIP Inked Love. It wasn’t happening. I was stuck. Writer’s block had hit me hard. So I implemented the 5 second rule (which basically consists of counting backwards from five and immediatly doing whatever it is you’ve been dithering about without any further thought.) It worked! Super! I was writing 🙂 With one exception. I was writing pure crap. My words were repetitive and my plot was not moving forward. In fact, my plot had very quickly withered and died. I needed to dive in to this work but I needed inspiration first. Time to reach into the toolbox again. 

Inspirational Combination

Leftover from my days in the fitness world, I know all about the physical and mental benefits of working out.  I also know that being outside in nature is inherently good for my soul. Sunshine, fresh air and the smell of trees and flowers replenish and refill me in a way that nothing else does. That feeling of being connected to the universe is so strong and it always opens my mind to new possibilites.

With this in mind, I put the five second rule in to action once more. I quickly laced up my shoes and without allowing for a second more to dissuade myself, I literally ran out the front door. In fact, I’m not even sure I closed it properly behind me. 

The Result?

Inspiration found! I ran 10km and physically, I felt amazing. The adrenaline and endorphins coursing through my body was addictive. I wanted more, I needed more. But what did this do to me mentally? It put me on one of the BEST highs ever! Inspiration had hit and it had hit HARD.

Somehow during the course of my run, I had discovered a new twist to the Inked Love plot line! I also had created a list of website developments that needed to get done AND two brand new book ideas were buzzing in my brain! Needless to say, I could barely run fast enough to get home and write it all down.

Since I’ve made the switch to full time author, I no longer have the option to wallow in writer’s block. Work needs to get done and it needs to move at a healthy pace. So I simply MUST work through the challenges quickly and not succumb to the darkness that can easily overtake it all. 

So the next time the cobwebs start to block my thoughts, I’m setting my countdown and getting outside. That’s where inspiration is found and my best-selling book will be waiting for me. 

Cassidy xo



I’m an AUTHOR!

So here I am! Finally able to live the dream as a FULL TIME AUTHOR! Ever since I published my first novella in 2017, I’ve been dying to get at this full time. Now, thanks to the support of my unbelievably amazing husband, it’s finally happened.

Okay. So I got what I wanted…but what’s next? In the first two days of this new life I will admit to feeling lost. Like, insanely lost. I always had a plan when it came to work. Now, instead of having a plan, I had nothing. To make matters worse, I also had no idea what I should be doing as an author each day.

Nada. Nothing. No freaking clue.

What To Do?

Suddenly, I was unable to function. I sat down at my desk and just stared out the window. Panic overtook me, so consequently I did nothing. In fact, I did nothing for two full days.

Then I decided that if I was going to figure this shit out, I needed some LISTS! In my previous career, lists were my saving grace. Whenever I was feeling overwhelmed, I went to my lists. They brought me a sense of peace, serenity and were always been able to get me back on track.

So last night I did just that, I made lists! Then I made lists about lists. And then more lists. Glorious, beautiful lists. I made lists until I ran out of things to list.

This might sound crazy but the result was a fabulous morning. My kids boarded the bus for school at 7:30am and I went for my morning run. Being out in nature always calms me (plus it was on my list!) and a good run is my favorite way to start the day. I followed that up with a green smoothie and some personal development reading (another love of mine).

Write an Author’s Blog

After settling in to my workstation, blogging was first on my to do list. A few years ago, I ran a fitness blog. I found blogging to be both personally therapeutic and a great way to connect with similarly minded people. With that in mind, it seemed like adding an author’s blog to my website was the right choice.

So here I am writing blog post number one. My intention with this blog is to post every Thursday and give you updates and insights into this crazy author thing.

Current Work

Let’s begin with a quick little book update for you. There are three seductive little novellas currently up on my Amazon page. The Suburban Secrets series tells the story of a married couple who are introduced to alternative ways to spice up and possible even save their failing relationship. Not going to lie to you, these books are definitely on the explicit end of the scale. So it might be a good idea to check out the reviews before you read…because you know…crazy hot sex is not for everyone 😉

Up until now, these novellas have only been available as ebooks. However, as I’m heading out to a book signing in the spring, hard copies will be needed. Thanks to my lists, I’m now in the process of making a hard copy that will include all three novellas in one book!

Then there’s my WIP. Inked Love is my very first full length romance novel and it’s been my WIP for months now. I’m just dying to finish it! Honestly, it’s been one of the hardest projects I’ve ever taken on. It’s hard because I love the story so much that nothing ever seems good enough. Words just don’t seem to be enough to convey the feelings that I have for these characters and their story. But I’m working on it. It’s on my list 😉


See, I’ve also recently discovered that I’m an INFJ in the MBTI list of personality types. This translates to a million different things but one thing in particular really stood out to me. It was when I read that INFJ’s tend to see in pictures and feelings. I’ve always felt this way and just thought it was a strange little quirk of mine. Yet it explains so much about my recent struggles with Inked Love.

This approach to writing is also hard for me to describe; especially to other authors who tend to “hear their characters talking to them”. I don’t hear anything! In fact, I hate dialogue. Instead, I see pretty pictures in my mind. Little snapshots of untouched moments and I feel the emotions that accompany them. It’s only when I begin to write that I actually find the words to tell the story. Sometimes. On a good day.

Like everything else in my life, it’scomplicated. Have to say though, I was super relieved to find out that this is an INFJ thing and I’m not totally insane. Or maybe I am? After all, I just changed around my entire life to write full time. This author thing had better work out.

Cassidy xo



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