Digital, paper or audio?

Reading used to be a simple, one option activity. Pick up a book and turn the pages. Nowadays, we can read on pretty much any digital device, as well as listen to our books on audio. But does this mean that books are going 100% digital and paper pages will one day be a thing of the past? As much as I love having options, I certainly hope not.

For myself, I think that each reading medium has its place and all are valid ways to read. I continue to read paperbacks and hardbacks of my favourite fiction and non-fiction books. I am always adding to my collection and love to line my shelves with them. Physical books have become a curated part of my household decor. But I also adore my Kindle! I fill it up regularly and have a long TBR list that I can jump into at any time. Audio for me, remains a fun way to listen while I drive. I only use it in the car and I typically stick to non-fiction, self-help, business or craft style books.

What about you? What do your reading habits look like? Do you have an overall preference or does it depends on the genre that you’re reading? Share below in the comments!

Author and freelance writer Cassidy London, has been in love with scandalous steamy romances ever since she can remember. When she’s not writing or reading dirty books, Cassidy can also be found masquerading as a wine drinking, suburban mom in Montreal, Canada.

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